Google Site Diversity Update 2019

2019 Google Site Diversity Update full details

Google newly announced New update called Site Diversity Update. It has updated its user search results to show a extra diverse set of search results. That means Google will aspire to show no more than two results from the similar domain for a particular keyword in the top search results.

Google Site Diversity Update 2019

More diverse Google search results. users, along with SEO results, have complained over the years that sometimes Google shows too many listings for the top search results from the same domain name. So if you do a search for a particular keyword, you may see 6 or 4 of the top ten results from the matching domain name. Google is looking to not show more than two results from the same domain name with this search update (Domain Diversity Update).

Google said “A new change now launching in Google Search Results is designed to provide more site diversity in our results.” Google added, “This Domain diversity change means that you usually won’t appear more than two listings from the same website in our top results.”

But not always. Google said it does reserve the right to show more than two results from the same domain name when it thinks it is appropriate. “However, we may still show more than two in cases where our systems determine it’s especially relevant to do so for a particular search,” Google wrote. I suspect this is related to branded queries, so if you are searching for a brand, like Flipkart, you likely will see more than just two results from listed in the search results.

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